Sunday, September 12, 2010

NJRC Reflection II

Dear all,

These are the questions for reflections:

  1. How do I feel about the whole NJRC Experience? Good/Bad... why?
  2. What affects my performance in this competition?
  3. What can I do to prepare myself for the next competition?
Please comment.


  1. 1.Well, first of all, I feel that the timing of the NJRC should not be in the September holidays as it takes up more time than in normal school days and what is the point of holidays when it is even more busy than normal days. Other than that, I do think that the competition was not too bad.
    2.The thing that really affected me in this competition would actually be the lack of experience and not reading and therefore assuming the competition rules.
    3.As for the next competition, I would definitely read the rules or instructions 100 times with understanding and still read again and ask as many questions as possible. I also think that I should use the NXT-G programming software instead. I would also think through everything before doing anything.

    By the way, NXTidiot is Abram

  2. 1. I feel that there is both good and bad during the whole of my NJRC experience. We have fun times discussing, building, etc. However, of course there will be little arguments among the group. But thanks to my 'forget and forgive' teammates, we still can work well together.

    2. Laziness, distraction affects my performance in this competition.

    3. I do not know what I can do. xD Just remain the same? Change my attitude towards robotics?

  3. 1. It was bad because we did not have good teamwork. Me and Jun Wei did not really listen to Pranavi, and Pranavi also bossed us around. (SOMETIMES! not all the time!)
    2. I was just not really experienced and since I only knew basic programming, I built the robot, but even then, the robot was quite lousy.(except for some rare cases).
    3. I can try to be more accommodating to prevent most arguments in our group for occurring. I can also try to research and read up more on the mechanisms of robots. (in other words, how to build a robot)


  4. 1. I feel that the NJRC experience was basically a good competition experience as we can learn about the items and stuff. However, we did not put in our best effort and although we won a medal, we could have still done better.

    2.I'm not good at programming (only simple) and I can only build robots. This affects my capability of contributing to the team.

    3. To prepare myself for the next competition, I can brush up on my programming skills and help out more in the team.

    Tim Yap

  5. My NJRC experience was good as we can get to work together.

    I lacked experience in sumo thus I was unable to do much in sumo

    Now that I know what sumo is and how it is done, I can contribute more in sumo

  6. The NJRC experience is an enjoyable one yet the same time, irritating. Having an irritating jq is certainly not really enjoyable. First, we get distracted as he starts talking... then he will start teasing ppls.. yeah pretty much VERY irritating. But it is also enjoyable as we get to experience the secondary-lifed of NJRC which i can say i quite different from primary school.
    I believe that I was quite nervous and stressed therefore making me unsure and caused me to make careless mistakes continuously and I think the next time, i will find some group members who are less irritating and also try to be less nervous...

  7. 1) It was not all smooth sailing. First, our awesome team leader left, I had other work, and with a JQ pissing people off (namely me), blaming me, I kinda lost it. (a bit)
    2) I need to learn more programming. My robot building is ok.
    3)I would choose my team members wisely

  8. I feel good as I was able to experience NJRC again and at the same time I also felt bad as my group did not cooperate. I think that we did not have a lot of experience about being in NJRC and I think we should prepare right from the start of the june holidays for the next competition.

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