Friday, September 9, 2011

Bull's Eye Competition

These are the students selected for NP Bull's Eye Competition.

There will be a training workshop on the 14 Sept 2 - 6 pm.

Refer to this website for my information ->

Dates: 27 Oct 2011
S/N Class Name Team
1 S1-04 Mikowicz Kaelan Thaddeus 1A
2 S1-05 Christopher Kwek
3 S1-08 Velusamy Sathiakumar Ragul Balaji
4 S2-04 Lai Wen Xuan Jeremy 2A
5 S2-06 Abram Tan Jia Han
6 S2-06 Joel Ho Eng Kiat
7 S1-02 Dexter Lim 3A
8 S2-01 Chong Guang Jun
9 S2-08 Sng Li Wen, Aaron
10 S1-01 Abhimanyu Arora 1B
11 S1-05 Sherman Tan Xuang Ming
12 S1-06 Wong Kai Feng Benedict
13 S1-07 Balasubramaniam Praveen
14 S1-08 Isaac Lim Sheng Yang
15 S1-08 Velmurugan Pravin
16 S1-06 Selvaraj Siddharth 2B
17 S1-09 Irfan Danial bin Rahmat
18 S1-09 Mateen Jamri Bin Jupri
19 S2-03 Koo Bing Han
20 S2-04 Ho Jun Hui
21 S2-04 Tshin Qi Ren

First Tech Challenge: Nominated Student List

These are the students selected for First Tech Challenge.

The competition dates are 28 - 30 Nov.

Refer to the website for more information on what FTC is all about:

I will tell all of you more when we meet on Wednesday about the competition.

S/N Class Name Team
1 S2-01 Chong Guang Jun 1
2 S2-08 Sng Li Wen, Aaron
3 S2-04 Pranavi Pandharinath Choudhary
4 S1-03 Ho Zong Han
5 S1-04 Lim Yi Xian
6 S2-02 Nah Hui Kang, Christopher 2
7 S2-03 Ong Wei Xuan, Justin
8 S1-03 Dylan Goh Kai Xiang
9 S1-08 Yeo Hung Kye
10 S1-06 Darren Teo Wei Jie
11 S2-04 Ho Jun Hui 3
12 S2-04 Lai Wen Xuan Jeremy
13 S1-09 Yap Boon Pin
14 S1-05 Choy Rui Zhi
15 S2-07 Lim Hao Yang 4
16 S2-06 Joel Ho Eng Kiat
17 S2-09 Christopher John
18 S1-08 Darren Lim Ming Xuan
19 S1-08 Liu Guo Jin
20 S2-04 Tshin Qi Ren 5
21 S2-03 Koo Bing Han
22 S2-09 Jonan Ling Si Hong
23 S2-06 Abram Tan Jia Han
24 S1-03 Zhuo Deming
25 S1-03 Ethan Lee

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NJRC Reporting time

Please be reminded that the reporting time on Thursday is 6.30am. Please do all packing on Wednesday and please do not be late on Thursday. Thanks

Si Yuan

Monday, September 5, 2011

NJRC Practice sessions

Hi all, for those who doesn't know when there is extra robotics training, CCA room will be opened from 5 - 6 September, 8 am to 5 pm. CCA room will be open on 7 September only for half day because NJRC run is on Thursday, and please make use of your free time to go back and rest. Please also be reminded to pack up your stuff before you leave tomorrow. It would be a rush for you all to pack up only at the morning of the competition date because we have to reach Science Centre quite early. For those not doing their NJRC robot anymore, you are welcome to come and do your vex. Thanks and see you all then.

Si Yuan