Saturday, September 4, 2010

NJRC Important Updates!

Dear Robotiers,

Please start preparing on the decoration for your booth. The following are awards you might want to consider and prepare!

The Best Booth Design Award
For the team that designs and puts up the most creative and outstanding booth.

The Entrepreneur Award
For the team that displays entrepreneurship through their exceptional (marketing) efforts with the most effective, interesting or original marketing ideas and/or gimmicks. It can be in the form of a product, a service or advertising and/or promotional media, with the purpose of “selling” their team and championing their cause. In addition, they must secure sponsorship (financial or otherwise)from other agencies and/or organizations.

The Best Newcomer Award
For the most enthusiastic and spirited novice team from a school participating for the first time, and which shows overall excellence in its performance.

The Best Cheer Team Award
For the school which gives the best cheer to support their participating teams with the most innovative stunts, high-spirited members and spectacularly visual and audio cheer(s).

The Best Mascot Award
For the most creative mascot designed and displayed or the most impressive attire the team or the school wears on any of the competition days.

The Side Events Awards
The side events are designed to encourage participants who are new to robotics and would like to have a go at it. This year’s NJRC has 2 side events:
􏰀 SumoBot 
􏰀 Sprint Race

Special Recognition Award
The Judges’ Award
Apart from the awards listed above, the Judges may present up to FIVE (5) other awards to teams and/or individuals that have displayed outstanding attributes (during the competition) that set them apart in a unique way. These awards allow the judges the freedom to recognise the most remarkable teams for which a standard does not exist.

Judges’ awards include:
The Against-All-Odds Award
For the team who has faced numerous difficult tasks in their NJRC journey, due to un- expected and external factors, and yet, is able to accomplish the challenge.

The Risk Taker Award
For the team that takes the initiative to achieve its mission objectives through intelligent and well calculated risk management skills and strategies as well as a willingness to plan and execute dangerous maneuver.

The Sportsmanship Award
For those teams and/or individuals that demonstrate great sportsmanship during the competition – cheering, encouraging other teams and/or schools, celebrating other’s success as much as their own. This award is based on nominations by the competing teams.
*Judges may not give the Judges’ Awards should there be no deserving teams.

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