Monday, June 28, 2010

30 June Robotics Training

Dear Robotiers,

Please note that this week's training will be conducted in Level 2 ICT Hub, next to Our Space.

Please be informed that our Robotics training will end by 4:30pm as we will be preparing for the NJRC competition.

Do remember to bring your medals for the prize presentation ceremony.

Aurelius Yeo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Questions for Reflection ( Robotics Competition 31st - 4th )

  1. How do I feel about this competition?
  2. What is the one or more thing(s) that I have done well?
  3. What is the one or more thing(s) that I could have done better?
  4. How can I improve on my relationship with members of our Robotics Club?
Please finish your reflection and post it into the Robotics Club Blog by this weekend (6 June 2010).
Please sign off with your name.

Guang Jun

2010 Singapore VEX Competition Photos