Sunday, May 30, 2010

A very important post to note for the rest of the week(31 May - 4 May 2010)

Dear Robotiers,

Sorry for posting some of these information this late. Most of you should know already, unless you did not listen nor read the information given.


- All 5 days from the 31st to the 4th will be occupied for Robotics, so don't you dare be absent.

- Everyday we would be bringing every single stuff that we have FOR VEX, unless you leave them in Rulang the first day.

- Since I mentioned Rulang, I shall tell you about what will happen. We will be assembling in SST, most likely in the ICT Hub, since everything is inside. Then, our destination would be Rulang, so prepare your own water and stuff. Don't worry if your robot is not finished, no one's is. We will be continuing our construction tomorrow in Rulang.

- Most likely our Macbooks would not be needed, as the programming that we have to do are only able to be done on Windows. However, you are allowed to bring your Macs as quoted from Mr Yeo, and the question I asked was this : do we need our macs for tomorrow?

10:27pmHis reply:
nope. but u all can bring... to use in boredom and for online research.
So there you go, the answer for permission to bring our Macbooks is right in front of your screen.

- For people who went to China, I know there aren't many in Robotics who went, but here's what happened. We got the aluminum structure kits for our robots, as well as a set of high strength gears each for our start in building the mechanism and the basket/pan.

Well, tomorrow is a fresh new day and although its already 10pm+, I have to say this: sleep well and have a good holiday!(After the Robotics Competition, that is)

*Yawn* Going to sleep...

Signing off
Guang Jun

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