Wednesday, May 12, 2010

14th May Robotics Meeting. Please read.

We will be holding another meeting for robotics on this Friday, in the Library. Library, remember that. We will be discussing on the Robotics Logo, vision of Robotics and so on. The timing will be 12.45 pm, after school. It will take about 30 minutes, then everyone can leave after that.
- Guang Jun


  1. why not have it at 12:30 so that we can have a full half an hr of lunch instead of 15 mins, then meeting, then another 15 mins?some of us have to stay back after the meeting..

  2. I'm sorry Guang Jun, I wont be able to attend the meeting as I have to meet one of the teachers and I will be having Math Olympaid after that. I'm sorry...