Friday, September 9, 2011

First Tech Challenge: Nominated Student List

These are the students selected for First Tech Challenge.

The competition dates are 28 - 30 Nov.

Refer to the website for more information on what FTC is all about:

I will tell all of you more when we meet on Wednesday about the competition.

S/N Class Name Team
1 S2-01 Chong Guang Jun 1
2 S2-08 Sng Li Wen, Aaron
3 S2-04 Pranavi Pandharinath Choudhary
4 S1-03 Ho Zong Han
5 S1-04 Lim Yi Xian
6 S2-02 Nah Hui Kang, Christopher 2
7 S2-03 Ong Wei Xuan, Justin
8 S1-03 Dylan Goh Kai Xiang
9 S1-08 Yeo Hung Kye
10 S1-06 Darren Teo Wei Jie
11 S2-04 Ho Jun Hui 3
12 S2-04 Lai Wen Xuan Jeremy
13 S1-09 Yap Boon Pin
14 S1-05 Choy Rui Zhi
15 S2-07 Lim Hao Yang 4
16 S2-06 Joel Ho Eng Kiat
17 S2-09 Christopher John
18 S1-08 Darren Lim Ming Xuan
19 S1-08 Liu Guo Jin
20 S2-04 Tshin Qi Ren 5
21 S2-03 Koo Bing Han
22 S2-09 Jonan Ling Si Hong
23 S2-06 Abram Tan Jia Han
24 S1-03 Zhuo Deming
25 S1-03 Ethan Lee

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