Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robotics Trials on Friday

To all interested Secondary 1 applicants:
  1. Remember to have your mac fully charged before the Robotics trial. Charging outlets are available at OurSpace, Library, and Canteen.
  2. There will be Robotics trials on Friday, 28 January.
  3. Trials will be conducted in Level 2 ICT Hub, next to Our Space.

  4. Trials start from 2pm and end at 5pm.
  5. Sit according to the groups you have been designated to.

* * *

To all Secondary 2 Robotics Members:
  1. Attend Robotics on Friday, 28 January.
  2. Report at 13 40 on Friday at the ICT Hub.
  3. Remember the groups that you have been designated to.

Chong Guang Jun

Chairman of the SST Robotics Club

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