Monday, December 20, 2010


Please post in the comments section of this post about how you feel and what did you learn and achieve in this competition.


  1. It was very enjoyable and educational as I get to work together with my schoolmates. We worked together to think ideas to solve the competition and we were able to see how people of other countries solve the same competition. I have learnt that not all instructions is as it seems in this competition and that we must learn how to use the instructions to our benefit rather that making it an obstacle.

  2. It was very enjoyable and educational trip as I get to work together with my friends from the robotics club. We worked together to think of ideas on how to conquer the problems that occurred during the competition. We were also able to observe how other people from other countries solve the same problems from the competition. I have learnt that in a competition, not all instructions are final. We would have to make changes to our robot and our programme immediately and learn to overcome the problems fast. I think that if we were given better robots like robo robo, we have a better chance of wining more awards for the school.

    Si Yuan

  3. This trip was truly one of a kind. Why do I say so? It was a eye-opener to this real, breathing world. In the IROC, it was biased towards certain people. This is only one competition, imagine what about other international competitions that happen all over the world. One more thing I've learnt is the importance of working as a group to strive for the better. Without one single person, it would be a world of difference. It indeed is worth a trip.

  4. This trip was truly very exciting and really helped me learn more about the world. We were able to see many people from different countries come together to Gold Coast or the other hosting countries in previous years to compete in the IROC. Although we had to compete individually, all of us still managed to consult each other and help each other with our robots and programming, to make sure we would all succeed as a team, not just win as an individual. If we just did it individually, our results would be completely different. Furthermore, instructions were all not confirmed until the day of the competition, so we could not do it alone, we had to work together to complete the mission. This trip was definitely worth while, if I had another chance, I would grab it for sure.

  5. This trip allowed me to be exposed to competition out of the nation. So, it pushes me to work hard to my limits, within the given limit, and discover my standard by putting myself against other elites from other countries.

    During the competition, I have learnt that there is not one fixed way of solving problems. I have seen how different methods can often be better than others. As well as being able to spot the advantages and disadvantages and weigh them against each other.

    I have also learnt that others' opinions can often help improve my over all results, vice versa. Thus winning is not just about individuals, it is about acknowledging others' help along the way to the destinations. I know that the result I got was based from ideas and opinions from others and myself.

  6. I really enjoyed this trip! :D I felt that I have learnt a lot of new and useful knowledge I would not have learnt in Singapore and knowledge that I can apply in real life. I did not only gained experience in robotics, but also in humanities, science and also interpersonal skills like confidence.

    In the competition, I have learnt to think out of the box and carefully plan every step you are going to take before you start working. We have to think of all possible ways and techniques of solving the problem given to us and also to make use of the instructions to our advantage. We will have to think of possible techniques and then see which one is better, gives a better chance and better score.

    We will also have to work as a team although this competition is meant to have 1 person per team to give everyone an advantage. We have to listen to everyone's thoughts and see if their method might work better than our own method.

    Other than techniques, we also have to sacrifice time, sleep hours and put in as much effort as we can into the competition to achieve a better result.

    I felt that the team did great in this competition considering the limited resources available to us compared to other countries. We managed to achieve all these awards using only NXT lego robot. I feel that if we were given better resources, like roborobo robot (Mainly for the transporter mission which requires speed and accuracy of the robot, which NXT fails to roborobo. The transporter mission is also NOT POSSIBLE to accomplish with NXT given the 45 seconds timeframe) I would be looking forward to the next competition our school participates in with better resources and support from the school.

    I really wish to thank Mr Yeo and Miss Suguna for everything, especially for taking good care of me throughout the entire trip. I felt they made a GREAT difference to the team. His encouragement made a big difference to the overall performance of the team. His encouragements allowed me to concentrate better in the competition and made a big difference to my performance in the competition. I think he is a GREAT teacher and he sacrificed a lot of things for us. He was always there when we were competing. Even when we were at Movie World, he sat at a corner and did work for the school. He was busy writing his geography journal for next year. :D

    I will be looking forward to the next overseas trip! (If it happens :)) I hope that and is certain that the whole team hope that Mr Yeo and MIss Suguna will be able to follow us to future local and oversea competitions. :D

    Nah XD

  7. The IROC was a great experience. Before, I had only participated in competitions in Singapore. To get this chance to compete against other countries and not your own countrymen was a new and fresh opportunity that really opened my eyes to the skills of other people across the world. I also got to know my fellow teammates better and learnt how to survive being with them for a week. To be with friends in another country and compete with and against them is truly an experience that I will cherish and remember for years to come.