Thursday, November 18, 2010

Robotiers going to IROC Competition

We will be having Robotics trainings on:

24 November to 26 November 8a.m to 4p.m.

29 November to 3 December 8a.m to 4p.m.

We will be taking this time to build our robots and prepare for the competition. Of course, we will be having the training in the ICT Hub. If needed, we will extend the dates of the training.


  1. ARHH!!! I cant make it on 26 november >.< is it alrite???

  2. Sorry, I might not be able to make it from 1-3 dec. Other dates (24 Nov) I already told other CCA teachers. :)

    -Christopher Nah

  3. 29 november i have Speech and Drama exams (ext. lessons) I won't be able to come on that day....

  4. I have a dental appointment on 24th November at 2pm. I will be able to come on that day but I will need to leave by 12pm so as not to be late for the dental appointment.