Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 12th International Robot Olympiad Competition

Dear Robotiers who had previously indicated interests,

Do visit the following websites...

You are to write an email to me to explain how you can contribute to the any of the categories competition.
Do note the date of the competition and bear in mind that we may need to fly in earlier and depart later than the actual competition dates.

Do send me the email to my SST account no later than 14 October 2010.


  1. Mr Yeo, just one question. Can we use other robots other than the NXT like VEX or something like that.

  2. Mr Yeo, the link you gave us is for Junior Category which is under 12?

    -Christopher Nah

  3. Dear Mr Yeo,
    We can choose which category we want to participate? We can choose any one of them?

    -Christopher Nah

  4. Dear Mr Yeo,
    I think I would like to 'chicken out' since most probably I'm going to switch my CCA.

    - Lincoln

  5. Dear Mr Yeo,
    Are we really participating in the Junior Category?


  6. You r not participating in the Junior category. It is just for reference. As for the robot, we will decide which platform it is suitable for the competition.

  7. Oh, Okies, good. And by the way, Mr Yeo, may i know when will the list of students who are confirm to be going for the IROC 2010 be out ? Thanks !

    Si Yuan (16)